Freedom Moses is the brain child of French Designer Sarah Gurt. Acquiring her professional education as a shoe designer in 1999, she filled a series of positions as a shoe designer for high-end companies in Europe and the US such as Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein & Oscar de la Renta.


Sarah has extensive experience in the fast fashion arena working at the eponymous US brands … After what (sometimes) felt like 40 years in the intense fashion scene, Sarah decided it was time to come back to her adopted home of Israel and start a brand that relates to her local lifestyle & that could resonate with people around the world.

Freedom Moses embodied the aesthetics and vibes of her city, Tel Aviv. Coolness, Comfort, Colour & Spontaneity.

This brand that makes the new summer slippers. These slippers are not just cool looking, they’re recyclable, waterproof, washable, animal friendly, smell of milk & honey and are so comfortable.


Your little mini fashionista will wear them in winter with socks… YES REALLY.


Key features:

  • Made from sustainable PCU plastic

  • Injected with air and natural oils

  • Provides durability as well as comfort

  • Animal friendly

  • Won’t make your feet stink

  • Easy to wipe clean with soap and water

  • Ethically produced in PRC

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